Orange County Lighting :: Ceiling Fan Lighting
Ceiling Fan Lighting - A great way to provide additional lighting is to include a light on the ceiling fan. 

Generally used for general or supplemental lighting, many ceiling fans have separate wires for the fan and light.  So if you want to dim the light, you need to make sure the two wires go to separate locations on the wall for individual control of the fan and light.  The selection of ceiling fan and light styles is made easy by the vast array of styles and sizes available.

Basic Installation Includes:
• Removal of existing ceiling fan or fixture (if there is any)
• Professional assembly of the fan
• Installing and wiring the electrical box, up to 14 feet high
• Hooking up the ceiling fan to an existing or new switch if required
• Balancing of your new fan to meet manufacturer's specifications
• Clean up of job site and disposal of old ceiling fan at no additional charge

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