Orange County Lighting :: Entry Lighting
Entry Lighting - Entry lighting is very important in creating an inviting feel and a first impression. Light them warmly and you allow your guests to look their best as you invite them to come on in.

Use multiple low light level fixtures instead of one very bright fixture. If you use just one fixture, the area nearest it is too bright and the areas further away are too dim. Using multiple fixtures lets you put the light in the key areas of interest: near signs, by doorways and stairs, thus more evenly distributing the light.

Glare is caused either by direct view of an unshielded light source or by too much contrast if the rest of the exterior is relatively dark. A contrast ratio of less than 5 to 1 is desirable to softly accent an area without creating glare. When someone leaves an excessively lit building, it takes the eye longer to adapt from a bright entry to the darker walkways outside, making it difficult to see.

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