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Mood Lighting - There are many ways to light a room and any room's function greatly determines the way it should be lit. With a little planning, you can have a room that is well lit for the task at hand as well as attractively lit for ambiance.

Directional light is any light that has a baffle or reflector shield forcing the light to travel in one direction. With this type, you can spot or highlight an object. Reflected light is a light that is bounced off a wall or ceiling rather than shining directly on the object. Reflected light gives a softened look to the room.

Two-directional lighting is a fitting having light shining out at both ends -- such as a standard lamp with a drum shade. This type of lighting can establish the ambiance of a room.

Spotlights are a particular type of directional light sending an intensified beam on to an object. Magic can be created with a spotlight.

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