Orange County Lighting :: Task Lighting
Task Lighting - Visual tasks such as reading, playing games, or hobbies require adequate lighting. Recessed, track or pendants can provide ample light for tasks in the living areas.

Consider a chandelier with an integrated down light for additional light on a table in dinning areas. Under cabinet lights in the kitchen help reduce shadows on the counters, while adding critical light to the workspace. Fluorescent undercount fixtures operate very cool, and are a cost efficient lighting source.

Pendant lighting over a bar area or dinette can provide ideal lighting for any task while unique designs will make perfect compliments to a wide array of applications and settings. One fixture mounted over the mirror is a good way of lighting the bathroom, but can cause shadows on the face. Addition of recessed lighting is a better method for lighting the face and the head.

Florescent lighting the garage is a cost effective way to provide quality light for any task. Fixtures should be placed within close proximity to your task, such as a workbench area.

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